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i haven’t been creating much lately, i have severe creative block and haven’t really be able to do anything. i have been performing though, the above picture was taken before i took the stage as my alter ego to perform for a body positive initiative i’ve been working with. 

i’ve been getting inspired, but living alone + money to pay rent / bills and food doesn’t leave much left over to buy supplies. i’m getting there.

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I’ve been working my fat ass off getting to the point I can finally live alone and do my thing. as a result, I’ve found my surroundings have become less aggressive, and truly mine and for me. small doses of happiness. I think I’ll create some wonderful art and crafts here

whoops blogged on wrong blog!

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drawing, styling, work work work!

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placemats round 2!

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hey guys,

just letting you know i’ve changed my url, it used to be purgemaris.tumblr.com


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well hi there squirrel friends! it’s been a while but it’s that time of the year and whilst i’ve had the flu and a day off work, i’ve taken the oppurtunity to work on my mum’s christmas present. 

click on each pic for a tutorial caption! 

a little back story about this one, my mum is a bit of a crafty lady herself. back when i was in high school, she made these fabulous placemats out of kaiser board and lady bug faux fur. they were super awesome, until they got really stained and clogged up with food and she realised she couldn’t wash them. taking that idea in mind, i decided to make her a new set for christmas, minus the faux fur but plus vinyl so she can just wipe them down when they get dirty.

hope you enjoy this tutorial, don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. i made 4 of these for just under $10 and a whole lot of love! 

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did my mama’s makeup test run for her wedding next week, she is very happy with it! 

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being away it’s been hard to DIY but i have been working on canvas lately. it’s easy to work with and doesn’t take up too much space

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