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please help

somewhere between thursday 18th july and tonight tuesday 22nd july, my electric scooter was stolen from the back of my house in newtown, (sydney; nsw, austalia). the make is a revo sprint 1000, and it has a vintage girl spray painted on the deck, a custom “OESC bone jangles” sticker on the side of the deck; plastic goat skull horns around the handles, a basket on the back which had gouged a hole from bouncing on the back wheel cover and the whole thing is otherwise spray painted black. the chain is off on the bike and the brakes do not work, but the brand new charger i bought for it a few weeks ago was also stolen. this bike weighs a tonne to push away as well.

i’ve had the bike for about a year and a half now, i bought it when times were better, now i live alone and only make enough money to barely scrape by, my bike was my only means of transport and i was saving up to pay for the repairs needed for it.
because my bike is so heavily customized and stands out, i’m hoping that someone will be able to spot it and we can get it returned to me. look i can understand crimes of opportunity but this really isn’t cool, and there’s no way i can afford a new bike. i just want it returned to me, no questions asked.

please spread this around like wildfire and please let me know if you hear anything, i really appreciate it

without the modifications, my bike looks like this, i am trying to find a proper picture on my old camera today:

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I'm cancerian.

i’m a libran.

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thank you so much for your fashion advice! i bought a flower and silver jewellery and i never would have thought of the flower without you so thanks! :D

anytime :D i love to do a flower in my hair when i need to look fancy hahahaha!

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I’m making my first batch of butterbeer today!

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i haven’t been creating much lately, i have severe creative block and haven’t really be able to do anything. i have been performing though, the above picture was taken before i took the stage as my alter ego to perform for a body positive initiative i’ve been working with. 

i’ve been getting inspired, but living alone + money to pay rent / bills and food doesn’t leave much left over to buy supplies. i’m getting there.

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I’ve been working my fat ass off getting to the point I can finally live alone and do my thing. as a result, I’ve found my surroundings have become less aggressive, and truly mine and for me. small doses of happiness. I think I’ll create some wonderful art and crafts here

whoops blogged on wrong blog!

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drawing, styling, work work work!

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