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man do I love cross stitching!

POSTED: September 02nd

i’ve been making creepy cute cross stitchies!

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I'm cancerian.

i’m a libran.

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thank you so much for your fashion advice! i bought a flower and silver jewellery and i never would have thought of the flower without you so thanks! :D

anytime :D i love to do a flower in my hair when i need to look fancy hahahaha!

POSTED: May 15th

I’m making my first batch of butterbeer today!

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i haven’t been creating much lately, i have severe creative block and haven’t really be able to do anything. i have been performing though, the above picture was taken before i took the stage as my alter ego to perform for a body positive initiative i’ve been working with. 

i’ve been getting inspired, but living alone + money to pay rent / bills and food doesn’t leave much left over to buy supplies. i’m getting there.

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I’ve been working my fat ass off getting to the point I can finally live alone and do my thing. as a result, I’ve found my surroundings have become less aggressive, and truly mine and for me. small doses of happiness. I think I’ll create some wonderful art and crafts here

whoops blogged on wrong blog!

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